Fixing Food Through Constant Innovation

Finding a Fix: Plant-Based Food

In search of a solution, food manufacturers have turned to technology, albeit with varying degrees of success. The first generation of breakthroughs came in the form of plant-based alternatives: While plant-based meat substitutes had already existed as far back as the 19th century, companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods refined this idea and brought it, for the first time, to a mainstream audience.

The Second Revolution: Cell-Based Food

Much like its plant-based counterpart, cell-based food is in many ways a modern innovation with a historic past: In the 1950s, spurred by his experiences with hunger during World War II, Willem van Eelen started observing cells grown through tissue culture, theorizing their potential use in creating food. Since then, the development of cell-based technology has continued at breakneck pace, rapidly achieving mind-blowing milestone after milestone.

Into the Future: Food Intelligence

With plant-based and cell-based foods both providing incomplete fixes for food, the search for a better solution hence continues. Once again, ongoing innovation looks set to play an integral role in the hunt for this great white whale, with fresh ideas emerging across the horizon.



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Creating the next generation of food for the good of the world.