Roots of Revolution: Food Intelligence With Fengru Lin

Food Intelligence: Rethinking What Food Should Be

Heading into the second quarter of 2022, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the notion of “sustainable food” is no longer enough. In a single-minded pursuit of sustainability, sustainable food companies have arguably neglected everything else, leaving things like taste and nutritiousness by the wayside. As long as environmental consciousness remains the only goal, this seems unlikely to change.

Food intelligence in Action: The 5 Pillars

At its most basic level, Food Intelligence can be expressed through 5 key pillars:

  • Ethical: Facilitating kinder and more sustainable consumption
  • Culturally conscious: Respecting different lifestyles and the heritage of the world’s cuisines
  • Functionally nutritious: Promoting health and adding functional benefits to performance
  • Transparently sourced: Creating greater awareness of where our food comes from
  • Educating consumers on the merits of cell-based food, promoting adoption of environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free eating
  • Blending knowledge of food culture with technology to create specialized options such as vegan-friendly foods and cultural delicacies
  • Utilizing performance-driven insights to create functional food ingredients with health and athletic benefits
  • Using data monitoring to maintain a strictly controlled food processing environment, ensuring that the source of food is never in doubt

Into the Future With Food intelligence

As TurtleTree heads into the future, Food Intelligence will underpin everything from products in development to fresh concepts. In a space crowded with players, Food Intelligence will be our difference-maker and a unique calling card that separates TurtleTree from the pack.



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