What Does 2022 Look Like for the Future of Cellular Agriculture?

From Lab to Table

Hitting scalability milestones looks set to be the theme for cellular agriculture in 2022.

Cultivating Growth

1. Funding open-source cell line technologies

The lack of open-access research is hindering the industry’s continuous scalability. For a new industry to develop robust and productive innovation ecosystems, tools and ideas need to be shared.

2. Supporting computer modeling technologies

Carrying out actual laboratory prototyping of cultivated meat products costs substantial time and money. With computer modeling however, lab experiments can be conducted virtually, with results arrived at much more quickly and at a fraction of the cost. The Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium is one such organization accelerating the cost-efficient design of high-quality cultivated meat.

3. Investing in sustainability

For cellular agriculture to truly revolutionize our food production methods, sustainability has to be baked into every aspect of its methods. One crucial aspect is ensuring that clean energy sources are being used to meet the energy-intensive nature of the industry.

4. Supporting consumer education efforts

Mass adoption of cultivated products begins with everyday consumers being aware of and familiar with the novel concepts of cellular agriculture. The non-profit Cellular Agriculture Society, for example, has been working hard at creating educational content that spans immersive, visually compelling digital experiences, to working with universities like Stanford to introduce the world’s first curriculum about cellular agriculture. Quality educational platforms such as these will certainly help in accelerating consumer acceptance of cultivated foods.

A New Chapter

From scaling production to actual product launches, and seeing follow-on investments, 2022 looks to be a promising year for cellular agriculture. As we continue along this optimistic trajectory, it’s important to remember that we’ve been granted the rare opportunity to rewrite our futures simply through the way we produce food. How often do we get that? To create a better future with better food, we have to continue building on this momentum, and make each new chapter of this new agricultural revolution count.



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